What are the services you provide for those suffering with gut problems?

In short, we are here to inform and educate. Our Board consists of a collection of Australia’s finest Gastroenterologists, Professors and medical minds – and we put those minds to good use! We specialise in medical research, with the goal to better understand the causes of gut problems, and further develop methods of prevention and treatment. Through our website we aim to provide a hub of information that all Australians can access and thus achieve out mission to ‘improve the digestive health of all Australians’.

Do you publish hard copies of The Gut Foundation’s Information booklets?

Information booklets and brochures are now available only in PDF form. We understand that this may not suit everybody, however having digital files means that you will have instant access to information. We thank you for understanding.

What is your standpoint on fermented foods such as Kombucha, for improving digestive health?

We appreciate the question, but we hope you can also appreciate.. we get a lot of them!
The Gut Foundation provides general information to the public and medical practitioners. As such, we are not able to provide personal or individual advice or opinion. Truth be told – if we have a standpoint, you will find it on our website or social pages, so jump over to the search bar on our home page and you’ll probably find your answer.

I think I have a gut condition – Who do I talk to? Can you recommend someone to help?

We understand that suffering from gastrointestinal conditions or discomfort can be distressing. Your first point of call is your GP. Your GP will be able to discuss your issues and if necessary, refer you on to a gastroenterologist. We understand that it can be uncomfortable to discuss these kinds of issues face to face with your GP, but be assured, they are there to help – so start the conversation.

I’m not tech savy – How do I download the PDF files?

Give us a call – our friendly staff will walk you through it.

Help us Achieve our Mission

We're on a mission to prevent bowel disease through better nutrition, education, and research.

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