A/Prof Susan Connor – IBD care: GP is integral

Payal Saxena – Early GI Cancer Detection - Red Flags and What to do About Them

Patricia Conway – Microbiome, Probiotics and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

NRL & The Gut Foundation - Get Screened Message

An instructional video with Mario Fenech explaining how to perform a bowel test using a test kit from the Gut Foundation.

Prof Bolin discusses FODMAPs and IBS

Jenny - IBS and Stress

In this video IBS patient Jenny discusses how stress impacts on her IBS and how she addresses it

Dietician Chloe McLeod - IBS & Food Triggers

Dietician Ms McLeod discusses IBS and diet.

Jenny -IBS Stigma

Jenny discusses her own personal journey with IBS including stigma from society

Professor Bolin - IBS Myths

Gut Foundation President discuss a range of IBS myths

IBS, Food and You

Dietician Chloe McLeod discusses diet as a part of IBS treatment. The FODMAP diet is explained.

Jenny's IBS Journey

Jenny discusses her own journey with IBS - her diagnosis and treatment. Remember to see your GP to get personalised advice

Professor Bolin Discusses IBS

President of The Gut Foundation, Professor Bolin discusses Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms and treatments.

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