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We know getting to the bottom of your gut issues (or those of your loved ones) can be overwhelming - and that dealing with symptoms is not fun.

Check out our library of valuable resources below to better understand your gut, how to be kind to it, and how you can help your own gut, or the guts of your loved ones, work properly and feel great.



Purchase our range of downloadable booklets full of information about your gut.



In this revised classic, medical researchers at the Gut Foundation provide all the basics on gut health and disorders, as well as the most recent data on things such as microbiomes and radical treatments.



Download The Gut Foundation's magazine full of relevant information you can take away and read in your own time.

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Check out our videos from leading health experts on all things gut health.


eBooks & Downloads

Download free eBooks & downloadables on everything gut health.

Help us Achieve our Mission

We're on a mission to prevent bowel disease through better nutrition, education, and research.

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