City Tattersalls Club

For over 120 years, City Tattersalls Club has been an integral part of the life of Sydney. Founded in 1895 by a group of 20 Bookmakers, City Tattersalls Club has grown to be amongst the largest and most prestigious Clubs in Australia. Located in the heart of the CBD in Pitt Street, the Club stands today as one of Sydney’s finest entertainment venues.

Through their strong commitment to community, CTC has been proudly supporting the work of The Gut Foundation through providing resources, support and office space for the charity to conduct its business. 

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The Culture Co.

The Gut Foundation is partnered with The Culture Co. to help increase awareness on the importance of gut health and improving the digestive system. 
The Gut Foundation logo is now featured on The Culture Co. Kefir Probiotic packaging. The Culture Co. Kefir Probiotic Yogurt contains a combination of 13 strains of live cultures, including the probiotic B.Lactis which has been scientifically-proven and backed by research to deliver real health benefits. The team at The Culture Co. is passionate about gut health and works to create products with ingredients that give people a good gut feeling, and a daily dose of goodness!




The Healthy Grain

The Healthy Grain provides food manufacturers and their markets around the world with unique, natural, nutritionally superior and patented wholegrains. The Healthy Grain seeks to improve the health of people globally through the distribution of their unique suite of wholegrains.

BARLEYmax™ is the first commercially available wholegrain from The Healthy Grain.

BARLEYmax™ is often referred to as a ‘super barley’ and is non-GM and nutritionally superior. It was developed by the CSIRO, with its nutritional properties addressing the major chronic diseases of our time – digestive disease including colorectal cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Products containing BARLEYmax™ are found on supermarket shelves in Australia and Japan, in a wide variety of foods including bread, cereals, rice blends, snack bars and biscuits.


The Healthy Grain are proud to support the brilliant work of The Gut Foundation.

For more information about BARLEYmax™ and The Healthy Grain, please visit


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The Daily Press

Thank you for the time and talent to the friendly staff at The Daily Press, who donate their skills in putting together fantastic designs for TGF's fundraising events.

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